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Customer comments and feedback

We ship out thousands of orders, and tens of thousands of plants, each year.  We take pride in the fact that we send healthy, well-grown and groomed, plants.  These are carefully wrapped and boxed and shipped out as soon as possible–more than 90% of orders are shipped within a matter of days of our receiving them.

We guarantee safe delivery of all orders, and healthy, properly labeled, and true-blooming plants.  On occasion (about 1 in every 100 orders), we’ll have to make good on our guarantee.  Sometimes, plants perish in weather that’s too hot or cold, sometimes the post office “squashes” a box and, sometimes, we’re to blame for poor packaging or clerical mistakes.  In such cases, we’ll reship plants, issue a credit, or refund money as needed.

In any event, we always try to please and look for ways to improve our growing, shipping, or service.

Need to contact us? You can send us an email, or if you need an immediate answer to your question, you can contact us by phone (585-374-8592) during normal business hours (12-5 pm EST).

If you are having problems with a plant or need advice on plant care, we suggest contacting us by phone, since an informed diagnosis will require discussing the condition of the plant, your growing environment, and the like.  You can also email a photo of the problem plant(s) with a description of the problem and its care and environment.  We suggest using the information provided in the “plant care” pages of this site before calling us, since many answers can be found there.

Here’s a few of the unsolicited comments recently made by some of our customers.  All appear precisely as written, without editing.  So that the page doesn’t become too lengthy, we only reprint those received during the last 12 months.  

The “compliments”:  Some of our recent satisfied customers speak…

From Lisa, in ME
I recently placed and received my first order ever from The Violet Barn. I would like to let you know that I was completely impressed by every bit of my interaction with your business. The website is lovely and easy to navigate, the prices are very reasonable, ordering was easy, my order arrived exactly when expected and in perfect shape. Your professionalism is superb but I also sensed a warm friendliness toward a fellow plant lover. April 25, 2023

From Nancy, in FL
I just wanted to tell you how absolutely delighted I am with my new little trailing violets. Your new packing boxes are pure genius!  Each plant arrived in perfect condition and they are so adorable!  First of all, there is no way I could have found these locally, and secondly, the quality of your products is unsurpassed.  Each order I have placed with your company has arrived in  perfect condition and done well.  The streptocarpus plants that I ordered earlier are all either blooming or have bud stems.  I am so happy I discovered you!  Just wanted you to know that you have a very happy and loyal customer here  April 15, 2023

From Anca, in NE
Thank you so much for the update! The violets arrived in excellent condition and I was impressed with the care that was put into the packaging.They look beautiful and healthy and not one of the 10 plants sustained any damage from the shipping. Right now, my only issue with The Violet Barn is that you have too many beautiful varieties and I want them all 😛  I will definitely recommend your store and I am looking forward to my next order!  April 14, 2023

From Pauline, in MN
My order of three my new variegated violets arrived today.  WOW I can’t tell you how impressed and elated I am.  The plants are beautiful.  They arrived in perfect condition in bloom even.  The instructions included are extremely helpful.  I may have found a new addiction.  Thank you so much for doing such a wonderful job and the joy you bring.   April 14, 2023

From Allen, in PA
Wow!  Just Wow!  I have been buying plants online for many years. But never have I received a shipment of plants in such pristine condition, well-packed, and healthy as the ones I received from you today.  Just stunning, beautiful, and perfect in every way.  Kudos to you and team. You have definitely earned a repeat customer.  April 12, 2023

From Neal, in OR
The order arrived in perfect condition. Thank you. Amazing packaging.  April 12, 2023

From Nancy, in NJ
Thank you very much for the freebie Rob’s Lilli Polli. The trailers are just beautiful and they came in perfect condition and your packing is phenomenal.  Thank you again!! My sister just loves your plants.  I gave her a couple of mine.  March 23, 2023

From Norma, in NJ
You guys really made my day!  My streps arrived on Tuesday.  They arrived expertly packaged and in perfect condition.  I think they must have been the nicest, most advanced plants you had available. I am thrilled!  I’ll leave a review on the site, but I just wanted to get off a quick note to thank you for your kindness.  March 23, 2023

From Marsha, in VT
Violets arrived today in beautiful condition.  They were so well packaged and protected.  Thank you so much.  March 18, 2023

From Debbie, in NC
I have never had plants arrive packed so well or so beautifully. The package that each plant was in were not only super protective but beautiful and helpful. And then the packing in the box itself was incredible. I wish I had taken photos of each step unpacking. Not a single leaf was broken and the one with buds kept them all. I can’t say enough about how pleased I am with this shipment.  March 5, 2023

From Patricia, in AK
Received my African Violets today, all the way to Anchorage, Alaska.  Many, many Kudos to you all; I have lived all over Alaska, ie., from Barrow to Ketchikan, and have had African Violets sent to me at all locations. Again, these Violets were perfectly packaged, and in perfect condition upon arrival.  I am just starting a new collection of “trailing African Violets”.  I will enjoy seeing these beauties grow, bloom and prosper.  March 2, 2023

From Deb, in OH
I got my violets today!  Thank you!  They are beautiful!  Many years ago, I raised violets and showed them.  At one time I had over 300.  I loved them!  Then life took over.  Someone gave me one recently and ignited my passion again.  I am very excited!  Thank you! March 1, 2023 

From Tammy, in PA
My order arrived and all plants appear to be in very good condition. I am delighted by the varieties chosen for me. I will definitely order again later next spring. December 14, 2022

From Annette, in IL
I received my order in perfect condition. Your packing was absolutely superior ! I am enjoying all of the violets you sent but my favorite was the miniature, Bunny Hop. In bloom, variegated and new tiny leaves appearing , how wonderful ! Thank you, I will be ordering in the future. December 13, 2022

From Toni, in OK
I got my package today! I could not be more pleased! The packing job was amazing. I knew the plants would be starter plants, but never dreamed some would be blooming. October 27, 2022

From Claudia, in CA
An update for you, my order that was trapped in a USPS parcel Locker. That unit faces the west and the setting sun, so it can get quite hot. I expected the plants to be ruined. They had to have been sitting in there at least 5-6 days by the time I realized it was probably my package in there, and the key was found.  When I opened it, they were in very good condition, and I was shocked! So I just wanted to let you know that your fiberglass packing did the job and then some. October 19, 2022

From Heather, in NJ
I have to write to tell you how thrilled I am with my order. All the plants arrived so carefully wrapped and in perfect condition. It’s the best online plant packaging I have ever experienced – and I order a lot of plants online. Thanks very much for the excellent service. I am already excited to plan my next purchase from you.  September 22, 2022

From Catherine, in CA
I discovered your site many years ago. I have received such lovely plants, most recently a few months ago. My streps have both blossomed once and seem to be getting ready for another bloom soon! My one violet had one flower, but the other two are finally starting to bud up.  I would recommend your facility for any of your plants, always healthy and happy! September 12, 2022

From Paul, in GA
We just got an order that my wife placed, I was told to unbox them when they got here. Let me tell you, after decades of getting an assortment of plants, trees and bulbs, your packaging has got to be the best I have ever seen! Wow!! The four plants got here in perfect condition, I was very, very impressed with the obvious care that was taken to wrap each one. A nice job September 9, 2022

From Valerie, in FL
Received six trailers yesterday…packaged perfectly..some even had buds. This is not the first time I ordered and I must say, as usual they are PERFECT. THANK YOU. August 25, 2022

From Medric, in MT
My order arrived today and I am so pleased. I have never seen such care given to packaging ever before. The plants look like I picked them up in person. Before I retired I worked ground crew for UPS air cargo at the Billings Montana airport . I have personally witnessed the horrors that packages are exposed too. Plants and live animals are given no special handling , they are tossed , dropped and kicked quickly and repeatedly so as not to delay the carriers deadlines .  You people are great ! August 18, 2022

From Susan, in MD
I have purchased violets at local stores for years. SO MANY have died even though I followed all directions on how to care for them. But the ones I purchased from Violet Barn were like no others! I balked at the shipping price once, but I have been SO GRATEFUL that I will NEVER go elsewhere for violets again! The 3 I purchased are exotic (unavailable at local stores) and are thriving. Plus now I receive your newsletter and have gone back to read old issues too! I seldom provide feedback for purchases, but in this case I just had to. I don’t know what you all do at your greenhouses but it is nothing short of miraculous! August 14, 2022

From Barbara, in VA
I am already extremely impressed with the quality of your healthy green violets and with the great care and attention with which they were packaged!! In addition, Rob was very helpful is reassuring me that waiting until your soil arrived would be extremely therapeutic for my traumatized plants.  I can only hope your plants will thrive with what is described as my green thumb! August 2, 2022

From Lucille,
I just want to let you know that after days of sending my poor plants back and forth to various post office facilities, some of them repeated, my plants got here today. Because of your meticulous wrapping and care they survived even in this unbearable heat! The plants are beautiful and in wonderful health. I am not touching them until they have had at least a day to grab light and fresh air. I cannot imagine their trip. Thank you. You have a loyal and repeat customer who will sing your praises. You also sent to a friend of mine and she received hers 2 days ago. She is so happy also, and I am glad as I recommended you to her.  July 24, 2022

From Linda, in IA
My violets arrived today, safely and in perfect condition……all 5 of them! I was expecting some leaf damage but that was not the case!  I am beyond thrilled as these are the first violets I have had since the late 1980’s when I had 20.  Thanks to all who picked, packed and shipped these beauties! When you say they’re packaged to handle rough care, you really go well past that!!  I can’t wait to see the blooms. July 21, 2022

From Brenda, in AL
Violets arrived promptly but box crushed by poor handling. Unbelievably, the skillful packaging absorbed the blow and ALL 16 violets survived with ALL leaves intact. Message sent with a thankful heart. “ All of you” are amazing! July 7, 2022

From John, in AL
I know you are busy and therefore no response is requested … but I just received my first order from you and wanted you to know that I am singularly impressed with the detailed packing and the condition of the four plants. I’m an old fart and have received a lot of packages in my time but yours takes the prize. I don’t send a lot of “hearts and flowers” emails … but I simply couldn’t let this opportunity pass me by.  Kudos to your team. Very impressive. June 24, 2022

From Douglas, in NJ
I ordered two African violets from two different places. One place just sent two leaves. I don’t have a lot of money or time and now I need to get two small pots and hope that they survive. The next day, your African violet arrived. It was packaged perfectly for a fragile plant and the plant was in perfect, not just excellent shape.  I will definitely order from The Violet Barn again and recommend your place to others.  Thank you. June 17, 2022

From Margaret, in SC
wanted to let you know that my shipment of sweet violets arrived unscathed this morning. It was such a pleasure to open them and see so many of the plants were either in bud or in bloom!  I look forward to watching them grow and have definitely bookmarked your site for future reference/orders May 19, 2022

From Lily,
My mom was wanting a white African Violet and said she could never find any. So I went online and found The Violet Barn and realized they had white African Violets. I was skeptical about ordering plants online because I had never done it before. So I ordered my mom, “ma’s white elephant” and myself “ma”s crime scene”. I received my package today and the Violets were packaged with some SERIOUS care!!! I was super impressed!!! My Violets were in perfect shape. I am excited to watch them grow. I will DEFINITELY be ordering from The Violet Barn again! I will definitely be telling my friends and family about this place! April 28, 2022

From Sarah, in PA
Thank you for the update and all that you do. They came in today packaged beautifully and the violet was even blooming. I ordered your new hybrid trailer “Robs Mirrabooka” and a lovely Hoya obscura. I am so incredibly pleased. This is my second order.  I’m honestly shocked how fantastic everything is. You obviously have mastered your craft. I just wanted to show some appreciation for you and what you do.  April 27, 2022

From Lisa, in NV
Just want to tell you guys what a great job you are doing – the care in the packing shows! Really 5 star company giving others the ability to have these exquisite plants in their homes. Lost several leaves on this big shipment but they all still look exceptional! Strong and healthy plants. Know that lots of us trying to be in tune with the planet send you lots of positive thoughts every time they look at your plants. April 17, 2022

From Jim, in MI
The five plants arrived today safe and sound ! I’m thrilled with the health and quality of them. Once again the “Violet Barn” has come thru for me. I enjoy doing business with you guys! Great Service ! April 14, 2022

From Pam,
We just received the beautiful violets this morning.  Your company never disappoints!  Thank you!  The others we purchased from you are just starting to bloom!  March 24, 2022

From Ann, in AZ
Just wanted to thank you so much for my recent order of streptocarpus plants. They arrived in perfect condition. You and your staff should be commended for a fabulous packaging job. Love my new babies, hope they love the Arizona temps as much as my violets do. Again, thanks for all your care. April 1, 2022

From Barbara, in PA
My plants arrived in perfect condition this morning. They are sitting under their new grow lights and look very content. To be honest, they really do not look at all like they have spent a few days in a box! Thank you for your wonderful service. I just could not be happier. March 11, 2022

From Sandy, in IA
I received my plants that I ordered last week. They are absolutely beautiful. I have bought African Violets from another online grower and they were lovely but the Violet Barn are by far the best I’ve ever had. My husband doesn’t usually pay a lot of attention to my plants but was amazed that my new AVs had flowers when delivered March 14, 2022

From Jessica, in NJ
I have to compliment you and the staff at the Barn for your phenomenal work! My order was shipped in the dead of winter with standard shipping yet every plant arrived in perfect condition. They are doing so well and that is a testament to Ma’s incredible skill at hybridization. March 26, 2022

…and some “constructive” criticism:  Yes, we sometimes get complaints–we guarantee safe delivery on all orders and occasionally need to process a refund or send a replacement plant (our average is about 1 in every 100 orders).  We haven’t printed these.  These are the more specific complaints/comments that customers have made–we reprint them so that we have a chance to explain, improve our work and, perhaps, avoid similar problems in the future…..

From Steven,
Can you please tell me why it takes so long for you to ship the purchases? Nov 2, 2022  Our reply:  We don’t think one week is very long.  We collect orders thru the week, then ship everything at once early the next week (details on our “terms” page)–we “cut off” orders early Friday, then ship all the orders received the following week.  As it is, shipping takes us 3 days of the week.  We need the rest of the time to grow the plants–unlike other businesses, we don’t buy and resell–we grow all ourselves in house.  It takes time.

From Carla,
I was trying to apply the 30%, $25 off or the free shipping coupons in this order to see which worked out better.  I clicked the link and it said it would apply at checkout, but it didn’t.  Can you help me?  Our reply:  There are no such coupons.  If you saw them listed on another site, you were misled.  These “coupon” sites are not affiliated with us (nor with many of the companies listed) and do so without our permission.  

From Cathy,
I paid 40+$ for express shipping and I see on my email that my order will not ship out until 9-26-22? Can you refund me for the express shipping. I would not have paid 49$ for my supplies expecting them to arrive this week. You should explain that on your site before one pays or gets expedited shipping and doesn’t receive their plants and soil in the same order for example.  September 21, 2022  Our reply:  We ship the week shown on the website when ordering, and confirmed in our email when you order.  It appears on every page of checkout.  Express does not mean the order is immediately place in mail, it just means it gets there faster once put in mail.  Soil is shipped via ground service, and is also stated on website and in confirmation–the cost of shipping 9 lbs. of soil is exorbitant and we would be cost prohibitive for everyone involved for a nonperishable item.  Unlike Amazon, we have to grow what we sell and cannot devote every day of the week for shipping, we only ship once per week, the date stated on site.  Unlike most any other plant vendor, we do ship orders quickly, and we always ship when promised (the date shown on site when ordering).

From Modena, in CO

I’m not happy with the mini violets I ordered from you.  Some have died for no reason and  the ones that have bloomed are not very pretty. Some have not bloomed and growing very slowly, I have beautiful violets that I have had for several years and I love them. I know how to take care of violets. I have already replaced several of the violets that I got from you. I will not be ordering from you anymore.  July 22, 2022  Our reply: Sorry you feel this way. Though “pretty” is in the eye of the beholder–we think they are, and these are varieties you cannot find elsewhere, there should be no reason they cannot grow and thrive. If we had more information on care and environment (photos always help), we can attempt to offer advice and guidance. Keep in mind, also, that miniatures are different than standard violets, and there are small, but important, differences in their care.

From Dominica,
I just received my violet.  I was so disappointed on the size of the plant.  Nothing but 5 small leaves.  I thought it looked little like what I ordered.  It was a gift to my aunt who loves violets.  Especially for the price you pay and that crazy shipment cost.  I don’t think I will order again.  Very unhappy customer.  May 9, 2022  Our reply:  Sorry for the disappointment, but this is the size we ship.  This is stated on many places on the site–if you click on “plants shipped in 2 1/2″ pots” link, you will get an sample photo,  Examples are also on the “terms and conditions” page.  We simply cannot safely ship larger plants, nor promise everything in bloom (also stated on terms page), though sometimes this may be the case if your chosen plant just happens to be blooming at time of shipping.

From Dianne,
I spent $39 for shipping, this is terrible service!  When I placed the order I though it said by spending the extra $20 it would be a rush, but now it seems that I could have saved the money and getting it the same time.  Our reply: Choosing Express only changes the time in transit.  We ship at the time stated on shopping cart and checkout pages when order is placed.  The statement shown there says “Express: 1-2 date of shipping”

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  1. Hello all,

    I am more or less new to raising African violets. Am wondering if you could recommend a few books about growing African violets – preferrably those that could be purchased on amazon

    Thanks ever so much. If you could also recommend some specific grow lights, that would be a huge bonus as well!

    David in eastern Canada

    1. A good book is “You Can Grow African violets” by Kent and Joyce Stork. Another is “Growing to Show” by Pauline Bartholomew. The African Violet Magazine is a great source–join AVSA at These books can also be purchased from AVSA.

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