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Send us your photos!

We want you to succeed, and would like to hear from you. Contact us at

Having success? Happy with your plants? Are they growing well? Send us a photo of your plant, or a collection of plants. We’ll post it here. Below are some examples that we’ve received in the past.

Having difficulties? Perhaps we can help. Send us (by email to ) a photo(s)* of the “problem plant” with as many details as you can (briefly) provide. For example:

  1. Name of the variety.
  2. Its approximate age and history (if purchased from us, when?).
  3. Where in the house is it being grown.
  4. Light source–a window or under lights (what kind).
  5. How is it watered, how often, and water source.
  6. The pot type and size and when was it last repotted.
  7. The soil used.
  8. General environment-temperature, humidity.
  9. Pests or disease suspected–if so, why?
  10. Anything else we might need to know.

Tell us your concerns. If this can’t be explained in an email, follow up with a phone call during business hours. Please call us BEFORE your plant is dead or dying, and problems can still be addressed!

*We won’t post your photo or problems without your permission.

Recent photos from July 2023:

Recent photos from June 2023:

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