Thursday, July 18, 2024

Sinningia: growing tall

Question:  I have a Sinningia that is getting a bit tall.  I raise Kohleria as well, so when they get long, I cut the top of the plant off at a leaf node and stick it back into moist soil.  No problems.  Can I do this with this Sinningia?

Answer:  Yes.  You can treat it the same was as a Kohleria, or as an African violet with an extremely long “neck”, for that matter.  Kohlerias are much easier to reroot, however.  Sinningias don’t root quite as readily, depending on how old, and woody, the growth is.  You might want to place your pot with the rooting cutting in a clear, covered, container or in a plastic bag for a few weeks, until its rooted.  In addition, since Sinningias are tuberous, the tuber should sprout a new plant (like a potato), especially if wait to see the beginnings of a new sprout before removing the old growth.

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