Monday, June 24, 2024

Fertilizer and variegation

Question:  I purchased ‘Rob’s Whippoorwill’, which originally had variegation on the outermost ring of leaves, but it has now started to turn all green.  I feed all of my violets with ‘Miracle-Gro African Violet Food’ (7-7-7 formula), every time I water, 10 drops per quart.  Am I feeding too heavily for a variegate?  Do they require […]

Urea in fertilizer

Question:  I’m a bit confused about the use of urea, and wonder if you can help me.  I was told sometime agao that we should not use any fertilizer with urea listed in the ingredients.  I’ve used fertilizers containing urea in my garden and it looked great!  Should I use my old fertilizer or toss it? […]

Wick watering and fertilizer use

Question:  You’ve discussed the “wicking method” for watering plants before.  Besides using a “lighter” soil, should I change how my violets are fertilized? Answer:  Yes.  Unlike watering from the top, or by saucer, at regular intervals, the soil is nearly always moist when wick watered.  Though a wicked plant won’t require any more nutrients, a greater volume […]

Fertilizer formulas and dosage

Question:  What fertilizer do you use?  I have only been able to locate Miracle Gro for African Violets and it is 7-7-7.  I have found no 15-15-15 or 20-20-20.   Do you have any suggestions?  At this time I am doubling-up onthe Miracle Gro. Answer:  The numbers you are referring to represent the percentage of the three major nutrients; nitrogen, phosphorus, […]

Fertilizer formulas

Question:  What do the numbers on a fertilizer mean?  For example, a 12-36-14 formula? Answer:  The three numbers appearing on a fertilizer’s label represent the percentage contained of the three major elements” nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium.  In addition, most fertilizers contain various secondary and trace elements, which may or may not be listed on the package.  […]

Feeding of variegated plants

Question:  I am new to the African violet world and would like to know more about variegation.  What is ‘Tommi-Lou’ and ‘Champion’ variegation?  Do I care for and feed variegates the same as nonvariegates? Answer:  Variegation is simply white, beige, or pink coloring in the foliage.  ‘Tommi-Lou’ variegation will normally appear on the edges of the […]