Tuesday, September 26, 2023

African violet limp after repotting

Question:  After I repot, my violet looks dull and limp, even though I know it’s been watered.

Answer:  This is a mistake easily made by novices.  The best advice is to repot from moist soil into moist (not wet) soil.  After repotting into premoistened soil, water only lightly.  This seems to be wrong since, when gardening outdoors we always give them a “good drink” after transplanting, but it isn’t.  After repotting your violet needs some time to fill the fresh soil that you’ve added with new roots.  Until it does, this additional soil will hold water that can’t be used by the plant’s roots (there aren’t any there yet) and, if kept too wet, will only make it susceptible to rotting.  The amount you water is based on the size of the root system, not the size of the pot.

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