Monday, June 24, 2024

Moisten soil before repotting?

Question:  Should I premoisten soil when I repot?

Answer:  We prefer to.  To begin with, premoistened soil is much easier to work with, since it clings together somewhat and can be “molded” in the pot.  It’s also less messy since it’s less “dusty”–you won’t be inhaling this, either.  Moisten the soil the night before, using hot water.  We use 1 gallon of water to 4 gallons of soil mix.  We’ve also found it best to repot plants from moist (not soggy) soil into moist soil.  After repotting, water only lightly.  Until the repotted plant can establish roots in the added soil, it need less water than the pot size might suggest.  This might take 2-3 weeks.  If your plant appears wilted even when the soil is moist, you may have overwatered.

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