Monday, February 26, 2024

Symmetry: remove a damaged leaf

Question:  Is it better to remove a damaged leaf, spoiling symmetry, or to keep it?

Answer:  If the plant is being exhibited, this is a judgment call.  points can be lost for both gaps in symmetry, and for damaged leaves.  If it is not a showplant, it becomes a trade-off between the appearance of the plant and the plant’s health.  When the leaf is basically healthy, but looks unattractive, this depends, again, on whether the gap is more of less unattractive than the leaf.  If the leaf is not healthy, it should be removed.  Only healthy leaves are helpful in processing energy and producing food for the plant.  Removing diseased and dying leaves also reduced the chances of spreading the problem of one leaf to other areas of the plant.  A clean, well-groomed plant is a healthier plant.

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