Monday, June 24, 2024

Mini violets not blooming in windows

Question:  I grow all of my violets in windows.  My standards do well, but I can’t seem to get my miniatures to bloom.  Any explanation? Answer:  Most of today’s miniature varieties bloom just as well, or better, than do the standards.  Miniatures do seem to prefer a bit more light than do standards, though most will bloom […]

Hours of light

Question:  I grow some of my violets under artificial lights on a light stand very close to my kitchen window.  My miniature violets are about 10″ below the tubes.  How many hours should I keep the lights on? Answer:  We also grow our minis about 10″ below the tubes, with our standard-size varieties about 18″ below. Our […]

Choice of light bulbs

Question:  I’ve been growing my African violets under lights.  I’m expanding my growing space and am wondering if I can simply double the number of florescent lights if I double the width of my shelves–i.e. if I have one tube for 20″ wide shelf, can I use 2 for a wider shelf. Answer:  Assuming you don’t change […]

Light duration

Question:  I grow some of my violets in a window and they do well there, except for the winter when they don’t seem to bloom very much.  I’ve added florescent light above the plants and really like how they look with the extra light, especially at night or when the days are dark.  Would there be […]

Which window is best?

Question:  Which window should I use? Answer:  Whichever window works.  Since every window is unique, there’s no simple answer.  It’s not the window, but the environment in the window area.  What you want is plenty of bright light, but not direct, hot, sun.  Which window provides this depends upon the season, climate, type and cleanliness of glass, […]

Incandescent lights

Question:  All of my violets are producing flowers on stems well above the foliage.  The leaves are growing upwards at a 45 degree angle, not like the pictures I’ve seen.  I use a GE incandescent grow-bulb at the recommended 24 inches above the plants. Answer:  The leaves are reaching upwards in search of more light.  In addition, […]

Lights, distance and duration

Question:  If I grow under florescent lights, how long should they be left on?  How far should the plants be from the tubes? Answer:  Usually 12-13 hours each day, though the time depends somewhat upon how close the plants are kept to the lights, there being a trade-off.  Personally, we keep lights on 13 hours a day, […]

Flourescent lighting

Question:  I see all kinds of advice about growing under lights, but no one has committed themselves as to what type of florescent to use, “warm”, “cool”, or “grow-lights”.  Would you help? Answer:  This is a subject which requires more than a paragraph or two to adequately address.  We’ll keep the discussion simple for this reason (and […]

Florescent lights in office

Question:  I have florescent lights in my office.  Can I grow African violets there? Answer:  Yes, but if your office is like most, a violet probably won’t bloom very well, or often, there.  Violets grown in these conditions will rarely bloom, leaves will be less firm and succulent, and growth will be more sparse and upright in […]

Leaves curling downward

Question:  The leaves of my violets are curling downward and center growth appears very crowded.  There is no evidence of mite, and I suspect it may be the cold temperature in my growing area. Answer:  Yes, the problem is likely the cold growing environment.  When grown in very cool conditions, many violets will exhibit symptoms similar […]