Monday, May 20, 2024

Suckers in center of plants

Question:  The crown of my plant stops growing and divides into 3-4 little sucker-crowns.  The plant seems to be dividing at the crown and I can’t seem to distinguish which one is the true crown.  I had a plant do this previously, and when the two crowns were large enough, I split them and got two […]

Staining or mottling on leaves

Question:  Our club is growing ‘Rob’s Sunspot’ as our project plant.  Many members are experiencing “red staining” on the plant leaves, though the variety description doesn’t mention this.  Is this a genetic condition? Answer:  Yes, this is a genetic condition.  This registered variety is described as a “double white star with bright red mottling”.  Multicolored varieties, such […]

Leaves curling over pot rim

Question:  The lower leaves of one of my violets curl down over the rim of its pot.  They seem quite healthy, not limp.  The plant seems almost to push itself out of its pot at times. Answer:  It’s quite likely that the cause of this is genetic and not cultural.  It’s a trait especially common among varieties […]

Crown suckers

Question:  I’ve had problems with compound crowns in trailers, also occasionally a compound crown sucker in a miniature.  This occurs even in plants that haven’t been subjected to any unusual stress.  Also, leaves from these plants will produce offspring with this same habit. Answer:  “Crown-suckers” can be very frustrating, particularly since they are difficult to remove without […]

Crown suckers

Question:  I have a couple of violets that always seem to get extra sets of leaves growing from the center of the plant.  Eventually, I have to divide these plants when they get bigger but the problem will reappear.  What can I do? Answer:  Unfortunately, “double crowning” (suckering in the plant center) is a genetic condition that […]

Scarring on leaf backs

Question:  I have brown scarring on the backs of my lower leaves.  Why? Answer:  This is a question we received by phone.  We didn’t immediately have an answer until he happened to mention that he grew in clay pots, and also wondered why the bottom row of leaves was bent over the pot rims.  The culprits, of […]

Leaves curling downward

Question:  The leaves of my violets are curling downward and center growth appears very crowded.  There is no evidence of mite, and I suspect it may be the cold temperature in my growing area. Answer:  Yes, the problem is likely the cold growing environment.  When grown in very cool conditions, many violets will exhibit symptoms similar […]

Spooned leaves

Question:  I’m growing a number of violets, most of them in a couple of windows in my kitchen.  One of them has very “spooned” leaves.  The outer edges are curved upwards, and the foliage is very thick and brittle.  Is this normal?  I’ve had mites on my violets before–is it possible that I’ve got them again? […]

Too much light?

Question:  I grow my violets 15″ below 4-tube fixtures.  The lights are on 12-16 hours a day.  On some plants the center leaves look crowded and a little hard, but I’m not sure if this is due to too much light or not. Answer:  This may, indeed, be the result of too much light, particularly for most […]

Streptocarpus: irregular or missing leaves

Question:  My Streptocarpus has irregular sections that are missing from the edges of the leaves, as if something had been eating them.  Any ideas? Answer:  Actually, this is something one of our employees experienced with a plant she had taken home from the shop.  We’ve also been told similar stories by some of our violet-growing friends.  […]