Tuesday, September 26, 2023

When to pot leaf plantlets

Question:  I started a leaf cutting at the beginning of the year, and exactly 10 weeks after sticking the leaf, the first plantlet appeard.  The rosette is now about the size of a quarter.  Many weeks later the cutting gave me three more plantlets, which are much smaller.  The parent (rooted) leaf isn’t shading the new […]

Rerooting (bareroot) crowns

Question:  You’ve told me that you can ship plant crowns into my country with no roots or soil.  How can I successfully rot these? Answer:  For many countries, such as Russia, most in Southeast Asia, and the Caribbean, it is not possible to send potted plants.  Only cuttings, or the plant crowns (the top of the violet […]

Violets in strawberry pots

Question:  Can you plant African violets in a strawberry pot and have them grow well? Answer:  Yes.  For the fun of it, we’ve done this before, with some success.  Because of their naturally spreading nature, the trailing varieties are the best choice for this use.  For smaller containers, use the miniature or semiminiature varieties.  Be sure that […]

Dividing a plant

Question:  I have a plant that needs dividing, but seems so overgrown that I don’t know where to begin. Answer:  This was from a member at a local club meeting who had a “supermarket” violet that was so overgrown and crowded with crowns that dividing it by simply pulling crowns apart would have been impossible.  Normally, if […]

When to repot after removing leaves

Question:  I have many miniature violets that I purchased from you last year, and they could use a little repotting.  I’ve improved their appearance by removing the lower leaves that were no longer attractive and was wondering at what point can I cover this bare stem/trunk with soil?  Can I cover the bare stem with soil […]

Removing leaves when repotting

Question:  I’ve notice that when repotting, you will remove a lot of the plant’s leaves as well as roots.  Do I need to do this, and if so, how can I tell how much of each to remove? Answer:  There’s no need to do this, especially when potting into a larger size pot.  When repotting into the […]

Repotting plant with neck

Question:  I just acquired a violet from a relative that had not been repotted in quite some time.  As a result, it has developed a very long and twisted stem.  is it possible to get rid of this awful looking stem and save the plant? Answer:  Yes.  Normally we eliminate a violet’s “neck” by repotting and covering […]

Episcia pot size

Question:  What size pot should I grow my Episcia in?  Can I grow more than one plant in a pot? Answer:  Episcias, like African violets and most gesneriads, are relatively shallow-rooted plants that don’t need a very deep pot.  As your plant grows, you can repot it into a larger diameter, but not much deeper, pot.  This means that “azalea” […]

Sinningia: pot size

Question:  What size pot sould I use for my Sinningia? Answer:  The rule of thumb is much the same as for other plants.  Determin pot size by the size of the root system, not the plant.  Unlike violets, sinningia are tuberous, meaning the growth is produced from a potato-like tuber beneath (or at) the soil level.  Use […]

Streptocarpus: pot size and watering

Question:  I’ve recently received some Streptocarpus from you.  These are younger plants in 2″ pots.  They are ready for a larger pot.  I’d like to use the self-watering “violet” pots.  Would they do well in these?  Answer:  Streptocarpus easily grow and bloom.  They’ll grow and bloom nearly constantly in most home environments, in natural or artificial light.  They’re […]